Here at KingsGate we are committed to creating an environment where people of every race and culture have the opportunity to thrive and grow.

That has been the culture of the church since it began more than 30 years ago but most recently we realised that we wanted to be more proactive in promoting the wellbeing of all our people and taking action where racism or racial bias comes to our attention.

To aid this process, during 2020, the Senior Leadership Team commissioned an internal review which resulted in the creation of our Advisory Council on Multiracial Inclusion.

The council has two broad objectives: firstly to advise the Senior Leadership Team on matters of racial inclusion, and secondly to provide a place where people can report any concerns they have related to racism.

The council is scheduled to meet four times a year under the leadership of Samson Abioye.

Let us know if you would like to raise a concern or bring something to the attention of the Advisory Council.

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our progress so far

Progress report – updated Dec 2021

After the establishment of the  Advisory Council for Multiracial Inclusion, the ACMI team in liaison with the KingsGate Leadership team,  have progressed with a number of  areas as part our ongoing commitment to being proactive in our stand against racism and seeing an increase of unity and wellbeing of all people who are part of the KingsGate family.

  • We held  a multiracial learning community in October 2021. We are committed to continuing this forum on a bi-annual basis as we continue the conversation on race, joined by KingsGate Senior Leaders.
  • We consulted with external national leaders in the UK Church and  some members of the ACMI participated in a national learning forum organised by the Church of Scotland.
  • One of the primary objectives of the Advisory Council for Multiracial Inclusion has been to research, recommend and trial diversity training materials for KingsGate to provide. We ran two pilots of a diversity training course chosen by the ACMI and further work has taken place to adapt and implement this material, with further courses planned.
  • We have established a multiracial Youth Advisory Council, comprised of members of KingsGate Youth and led by Phil Timson and Cat Patterson. Our Youth Advisory Council will meet throughout the year and their experiences, perspectives and feedback will bring a valuable multi-generational contribution to the broader focuses and recommendations of the Advisory Council for Multiracial Inclusion.

Progress report - updated Dec 2022

  • We held another multi-racial learning community in November 2022, where we looked at our progress of our strategic goals so far and identified future areas of focus.
  • We ran our diversity training course in May and November for more of our staff, directors, area pastors and some of our wider leadership. We had some encouraging feedback of hearts being changed, new relational connections being formed and those on the course gaining a new understanding of racism.
  • We joined with the nation in celebrating Black History Month. It was particularly poignant highlighting some of our church members' real life experiences both with historical & ongoing racism, as well as hearing about their family journeys.
  • The Youth Advisory Council continued to meet in 2022 and continues to see the voice of young people empowered in our commitment to racial inclusion. Through the work of the YAC, in June 2022 the first of a new annual youth survey was conducted and completed by over 100 young people to help benchmark and assess the youth ministry provision with racial inclusion in mind. The YAC have also prepared and delivered creative youth sessions on racial inclusion, micro aggression, and Black History Month, through which we continue to actively listen and respond to the voice of young people, as we seek to ensure our youth ministry is a place where people of every race and culture can thrive and grow.

Progress report - updated May 2023

In May 2023 we ran our diversity training course with more of our wider church leaders. We are also delighted to have appointed three new council members – Irina Demba,  Jarek Jamroszczyk and Ronna Fu.



  • Samson Abioye
  • Charles Karanja
  • Euphemia Manyanga
  • Lydia Opayinka
  • Wai (Ted) Leung Wong
  • Irina Demba
  • Jarek Jamroszczyk
  • Ronna Fu


If you would like to raise a concern or bring something to the attention of the Advisory Council just get in touch.