The Christian faith is a life-long journey.
It doesn't really matter if you've just set out, or whether you've been on that journey for years. There's always something new to learn and experience.

The Next Steps course is designed to help you move forward in your journey and covers what we believe are four key priorities of a transformed life:

  • Knowing God
  • Living in freedom
  • Growing in community
  • Making a difference

If you're new to KingsGate, it’s a great opportunity to learn about what we value as a church. It’s also the first step towards Partnership, where we explore what it means to be fully committed to KingsGate.

It's easy to get involved – you can follow the course in your own time online, or you can engage & journey with other people, either online or in-person.

All three options are possible, however we believe journeying with others does bring out the best of the course.    More details below.

Journey with others

Although Next Steps enables you to learn at your own pace, to watch, read and review the resources as often as you’d like, whenever you are able, we believe that to benefit fully from Next Steps you will want to journey with others.

  1. Weekly Online Meetings
    This will give you the chance to breakout into small groups to share and hear from one another, your thoughts and reflections on a focused Next Steps session (which you will have already watched and read through, sometime prior to the meeting). Usually over eight weekly sessions.
  2. Weekly In-Person Meetings
    Gathering together to hear the teaching and then go into small groups to share and hear from one another. Usually over eight weekly sessions.
  3. LifeGroups
    Other arrangements for connection may be made via contact with a Pastoral Leader, e.g. Area Pastor, Group Pastor, LifeGroup Leader.